Make a dramatic difference to the care you provide

How do we do that?

We encourage story telling from the residents with the use of improvisational drama techniques, music, dance and song.

What do the participants get from it?

No matter what their present level of memory and recall happens to be, all participants feel a sense of value and achievement and above all enjoyment, fun and well being

What’s in it for you?

  • We come to you
  • We provide all the equipment and props necessary
  • We are trained actors and performers
  • We put your service users/clients/residents at ease with gentle methods
  • We provide a stimulating and creative programme of sessions for you to add to your package of services
  • We fill in all the records and paperwork for you to evidence good practice
  • We interact with the clients and encourage participation in the activities
  • We don’t just entertain them we get them to entertain each other!
  • We free up your staff to do other essential tasks
  • We give invaluable advice and if requested, training, in reminiscence methods.


Example of a typical storytelling session

Animals & Pets


This is Oscar. Oscar is a stray dog that was abandoned after Christmas one year when the family that bought him, threw him out when he got too big and boisterous for their house. 

One day he stopped at a shoe shop on the high street when he saw the door was open and went inside and started to chew the slippers. He suddenly saw some children playing in the street, there were about 7 children aged between 4 and 10 years old. The leader of the gang is called Billy and he has ball. Oscar decides he would like to play with the ball and chases it when Billy kicks it. Billy is usually a bit of a bully but this time he lets the dog have the ball and all the children think he is a hero for treating the dog so nicely. They do not know that secretly Billy is scared of dogs and that’s why he let Oscar have the ball! A man called Maurice is passing by and sees the dog, Maurice is a dog warden, so he takes Oscar to the RSPCA where he is looked after until a family is found to adopt him. One day a Mr B Addy comes to the RSPCA looking for a dog and sees Oscar, but Oscar recognises Mr B Addy as the man who threw him out as a puppy so Oscar growls really loudly at him. Maurice hears Oscar and realises what is happening, he calls the police and has Mr B Addy arrested for cruelty. Mr B Addy is the Shoe shop owner and Maurice recalls that Oscar had been chewing shoes in the shop and realises how intelligent Oscar is. He decides to adopt Oscar himself and takes him home to live with his family.

Song: How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Written by 

Anne, Peggy, Peter, 

Dorothy, Jane, Vera, Bill

Marian, Maurice and Margaret

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This story was created by using improvisation and story telling techniques to open the imaginations of the participants, most of whom have challenging memory issues.